Qijing Machinery Co., Ltd (stock code: 603677), located in Ninghai, Zhejiang, was established in November, 1996. We are an enterprise focusing on precision machining, engaged in the R&D, manufacture and sales of home appliance parts and power tool parts. The washing machine clutch is our major product. We enjoy a high reputation in domestic industry and we have the Brand of Qijing of our own.
Qijing honed a great competitiveness in washing machine clutch industry, via our state-of-art technology, broad range of products and premium quality. And we have a large market share. Our major customers include Whirlpool, Sumsung, TCL, Panasonic, and Hitachi, who are globally renowned OEM of washing machines. We also a supply base partner with top power tool OEM, including HILTI, Makita and Bosch.
We are on the way to deploy Intelligent Manufacturing, heading to fully automatic production. We’re committed to be the leader of precision machining industry in China, through innovation and dedication.

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